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Shopping Policy

Our Buyer Assurance Policies are designed to offer you reassurance whenever you make a purchase through onsite checkout on examinatr. We strive for excellence in every transaction, yet should you encounter any issues with your purchase, our Policies are here to ensure resolution.
In this policy context, an individual vendor pertains to someone vending via a personal profile.

To qualify for Buyer Assurance:
Ensure your purchase meets the criteria for a Protected Purchase as outlined herein.
Utilize onsite checkout on examinatr to finalize your transaction. Purchases conducted through third-party platforms, local pickups do not qualify. Discover which items feature onsite checkout on examinatr.
Initiate contact with the vendor to address any purchase concerns. Should resolution with the vendor prove unattainable for eligible purchases, you may submit a claim through examinatr.
We will assess your claim to ascertain its eligibility for Buyer Assurance, issuing a refund covering the entire purchase amount, including shipping costs, upon approval. All determinations are at our discretion.

Protected Purchases
Instances of protected purchases
Many transactions conducted through onsite checkout on examinatr are safeguarded by our Buyer Assurance policies. Your purchases are safeguarded in the following scenarios:

Non-receipt of item
An item is deemed “not received” if it fails to reach the buyer within 16 days post-confirmation of order by the vendor or individual seller.

Item damage or significant deviation from description. For instance:

  • Damage incurred during shipping
  • Major components missing without prior disclosure
  • Discrepancy in item condition from description
  • Receipt of a different version or edition than displayed during purchase
  • Receipt of an entirely different item from what was ordered
  • Vendor non-compliance with stated refund policy
  • Unauthorized transactions

Instances where purchases aren’t protected
The following items and scenarios fall outside the purview of our Buyer Assurance Policies:

Products or services prohibited by our Commerce Policies

  • Automobiles
  • Real estate
  • Financial instruments or investments
  • Precious metals and gemstones
  • Equity or debt in a business
  • Customized or made-to-order items
  • Services
  • Donations
  • Industrial equipment
  • Perishable goods
  • Buyer’s regret
  • Items shipped via intermediary or freight forwarding services
  • Items involving in-person exchange of purchased item
  • Orders previously refunded or charged back by the buyer’s bank
  • Post-delivery damage to items
  • Items exceeding a purchase price of $2,000
  • Tickets

Disputes and Refunds
Contacting the Vendor – Your initial step should involve reaching out to the vendor to address any purchase-related issues. The vendor is given a period of 2 business days to respond and endeavor to resolve the matter.

Submitting a Claim with examinatr

Should the vendor fail to respond or resolve the issue within 2 business days, you may lodge a claim for our assessment on the 3rd business day.
When filing a claim, provide responses to the inquiries presented and furnish details pertaining to your issue within the provided form. We will evaluate your claim, including correspondence exchanged between you and the vendor, along with supporting documentation. Our typical response time is within 48 hours.

Refunds & Returns
Should you seek a refund, ensure to contact the vendor within the specified return period outlined in the product listing and adhere to the vendor’s return instructions for the shipped item.
Should the vendor prove unresponsive or fail to adhere to their stated return policy, you may still be required to furnish valid tracking information for the returned item or other evidence of return to us to qualify for a Buyer Assurance refund.

You may file a claim for the full price of an item valued up to $2,000, inclusive of taxes and shipping. Your lifetime coverage limit is set at $10,000.
Claims must be lodged within 45 days from the date of product delivery, or within 60 days for unauthorized claims. If the item has not been received, a waiting period of 2 days post the last estimated delivery date is required before filing a claim.
In cases of unauthorized purchases, prompt notification is essential to mitigate financial loss. Claims must be submitted within 60 days post the charge.
Compliance with our terms and policies, including the Community Payments Terms, is requisite for eligibility under Buyer Assurance.
Resolution and Closure of Cases
Upon approval of a buyer’s claim, examinatr may, under certain circumstances, offer a partial refund; otherwise, the refunded amount will cover the entire item price, taxes, and shipping charges. All claim decisions are at our discretion.

Denied Claims
Grounds for denial of claims under this policy include:

  • Receipt of item as described by the vendor in your purchase
  • Filing a claim due to buyer’s remorse
  • Receipt of item and verification of product delivery by the vendor
  • Dispute of transaction with the issuing bank of your credit or debit card
  • Failure to provide adequate evidence requested by examinatr to substantiate your claim
  • Policy Misuse

Filing fraudulent claims for purchases made on examinatr may result in the disabling of your payment capabilities or further action on your account.