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A Reinvention Strategy Without Empty Aisles, Dull Displays, or Missed Opportunities.

Reward Real Customers for telling their friends about your place on Social Media and Boost Sales

Your Restaurant's Success is Our Mission.





Acquire & Retain your best customers

examinatr for Restaurants helps attract new, returning, and current customers to your restaurant by offering personalized deals.

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No Upfront or Fixed Costs

No Extra Work for Your Staff

No Extra Tech Integrations

Advertising was never easier

Content designed to bring your restaurant instant traffic.

See Real and Measurable Results

Improve your restaurant’s loyalty efforts with our state-of-the-art features, designed to create engaging and personalized customer experiences



Leverage customers’ social networks; Acquire & Retain your best customers with highly personalized one-off campaigns, authentic reviews – Make them feel like a VIP <5 minutes

Give your marketing superpowers


Whether you use print, the built-in e-mail builder or your favorite mail sending tools.


Integrate our API and let our fully automated mail system send it at the perfect time (f.e. product based checkouts, dynamic checkout pricing campaigns, charity campaigns)

B2C & B2B

Let normal customers and professional customers speak for your brand or product.

Embed & Dedicated
Review Site

You will have an overview of all submitted reviews (100% licensing rights) and choose which one's you want to display on your dedicated brand page or embed on your site.

Individual Custom Triggers

On-Off Campaigns

The QR-Code is
only the Beginning

No Reviews = Zero Costs

No Reviews
Zero Costs